Where have all the supporters gone.

If two of the biggest sports in Australia are battling to get bums on seats, watching a live event,then it’s a sure sign of the times.....focus is elsewhere for youth and parents.

Cricket Australia’s Big Bash competition — once a deeply popular financial cash cow for the sport — was “a complete disaster for domestic cricket” this summer, Crikey writes.

Live attendances at stadiums nationally have plunged, with crowds in Hobart down by 75% and Sydney by 25%. TV ratings also tanked, and the $1.2 billion TV rights deal Cricket Australia signed with Seven and Foxtel has already become an albatross for the sport, with “only a small fraction of households having access to matches.

”Rugby Union is seeing the massive exodus of crowds attending live matches.Let's not beat around the bush: Super Rugby is dead!!“Deader than dead. ‘Morsdood’ if you prefer the delightful Afrikaans translation.

No amount of resuscitation will ever revive it, no matter what organisers and broadcasters will have you believe” says rugby24.

Although crowds at basketball and netball seem to be catching the attention of locals young and old.

It’s the extreme sports that keep growing and growing at an alarming rate.

Swimming have gone to light shows in order to make an ‘event around and event’ and we see waterpolo at the highest level starting to follow suit.

But where does the local sport like waterpolo in Australia sit with attendances at the highest level being AWL ?I guess the biggest tell tale, if the local waterpolo kids are bashing down the door to watch their heroes.....are they?!

Waterpolo in Australia gets most of its interest every four years as coverage is streamed into the lounge rooms, courtesy of the Olympics.It’s now up to the national teams to succeed, which hopefully bridges the gap to Paris 2024.....if not, who knows what’s in store for waterpolo in Australia, when it comes to funding and all that jazz.

Have every faith that both the Sharks and Stingers can podium.For those in the know, it couldn’t come fast enough, as it’s been 20 years since the Stingers matched the Gold from Sydney and the men are desperate to get over the hurdle that keeps getting in their way, on the bend to the final straight.

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