What has isolation done for waterpolo ?

As the world was forced into isolation and many parts of people’s lives have been dramatically effected, it’s been interesting to see how waterpolo has evolved through this time.

Although facilities have been closed and teams haven’t had the opportunity to train, leagues have been cancelled and tournaments postponed, we have through all this adversity seen an incredible love of sharing information about our game to the world.

From clubs facilitating Zoom conferences with their teams, to specialist waterpolo strength and conditioning videos, to seeing some of the games best players, coaches and administrators sharing their knowledge and experiences of our fantastic sport, it’s been absolutely fantastic to keep our waterpolo flame burning. From stories of epic encounters, mind blowing achievements, best players and toughest coaches, we have been enthralled by stories of the greats in our game like Estiartè, Milanović, Rudić, former Yugoslavia to Hungary’s golden era and the epic game of 1992 Olympic Games between Italy and Spain. This is something one will never forget but we have to sing high praise to our small world of waterpolo for evolving through this trying time. As restrictions ease in some parts of the world, we are now starting to see more and more social media postings of teams and players moving back to the pools, which is fabulous! International calendars have been reset, leagues have been adjusted and tournaments shifted like the Olympic Games. Well Done Waterpolo World.....we cant wait to see the best game back to full steam ahead for months, years and decades to come.

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