we’re all about helping aussie kids play water polo!

With a mission to Inspire Learning through Game Play, we’re focused on mobilising our members by offering programs that develop the fundamental skills needed to develop into the next generation of water polo players. At the core of everything we do lies the principle of Game Play, the integration of physical, mental and social capabilities to play in a team environment.

"We’re giving kids the confidence, ability and motivation to move and be physically active whiles loving to play".....says Founder, Simon Daley

Simon Daley created Academy Water Polo out of a passion for wanting to share the love of a game that he himself grew up playing from when he was just 6 years old.

"WaterPolo is a massive part of my life and growing up in South Africa, having water my father play, I soon realised that this was a sport that I wanted to play. I was blessed at being able to represent my country in Swimming and found water polo a huge compliment to a sport that is very individual centred. WaterPolo took me to many places around the world and having represented in a playing and coaching capacity at many world championships, its now time to give of the knowledge to the aspiring generation who would like to five this great game a go".

Academy waterpolo was founded in 2014 to captivate the young players who wanted to upskill themselves alongside their club sessions.

Our focus for the Sunday Junior Program is to give kids a starting point to learn the FUNdimentals of water polo in a Gameplay environment, readying them for introduction to high school waterpolo programs.

'As the Head Coach of Brisbane Girls Grammar Water Polo and Consulting Head Coach to Somerville, I see this program tailored to readying young players for u/12 water polo'.

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