The last time we saw waterpolo represented was when The Union of South Africa competed at the 1960 Rome Summer Olympics.

After these Olympics, the International Olympic Committee banned South Africa from the Olympic Movement over the policy of apartheid, making these the last Olympics at which South Africa would compete until the repeal of apartheid and the 1992 Summer Olympics.

The 1960 Springbok Waterpolo team was part of the 55 competitors in total of which 53 were men and 2 women.

The Springboks were captained by F.M Butler and was made up of some fantastic players :

W.W. Voges, A.T. Brown, S.J.F. Botha, R.C. Tinkler,W. A. J. “Dutch” Aucamp ,R.L. Schwartz, F.M. BUTLER (captain), A.A.R. Bulley (manager), L.W.J. Nahon, and R.A. Meredith.

South Africa was in Group C, which included Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Australia and won one of their three games against Tom Hoad's Aussies,finishing tied 9th position.

The Olympic Movements vision is to 'Build a better world through sport', guided by three main values, rooted in the philosophy of Pierre de Coubertin: Striving for excellence, Demonstrating respect, Celebrating friendship.

The three missions linked to delivering on the Movements vision and reflecting on values of excellence, respect and friendship: ensuring the uniqueness and regular celebration of the Olympic Games to put athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement to promote sport and the Olympic values in society, with a focus on young people.

To fulfil its mission, the Olympic Movement has adopted and adheres to four working principles. These working principles preserve the integrity and distinctiveness of they we do.

It's been 60 years since South Africa represented in the waterpolo event and 16 years since Africa, as a continent was represented by team from Egypt, Athens 2004.

Waterpolo desperately needs to grow and the importance of Africa being represented at Tokyo 2020 is vital for one of the oldest Olympic Sports to prosper, in all continents, well into the future.

By Simon Daley (Former Springbok and an advocate for South Africa Water Polo to play in the Olympic Games once again.)

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