They say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, in the case of the Pérez family, this certainly was the case.

Jesús Pérez was born in 1948 in Cuba and competed in waterpolo at the 1968 (8th), 1972(9th) and 1976 (7th) Olympic Games which paved the way for his son Iván Ernesto Pérez to follow in his fathers famous footsteps and compete for Cuba at the 1992 Olympic Games where the Cuban team finished a credible 8th position.

After the '92 Olympic Games, Ivan Pérez took up Spanish citizenship and played in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Games for the Spaniards.

Noting that Ivan missed out on representing at the '96 and 2000 Olympics, which would have had him playing at the record equalling six Olympic Games. The best of the best players in the world speak highly of the 2x world Champion, Ivan Pérez and the skill he possessed, which made him almost impossible to mark in his beloved centre forward position.

Pérez showed incredible strength, equivalent to that of a Rhino and teams had to immediatley adjust their defences to double mark the great man 2meter man, because if the ball found it's way into the giant left-hander it almost certainly resulted in a goal or an exclusion.

The Pérez Family were amicable contributors to the great game of waterpolo.

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