Those of you who enjoy gambling.....

What odds would you give for the Tokyo Olympics being held in 2021?

First consider......a few possible confounding factors.

1- US athletes likely to be unable to train and prepare fully until late this year or early next year;

2- NCAA significantly disrupted 2020-2021;

3- Tokyo is basically a home Games for China;

4- Several European leagues and championships possibly cancelled 2020-2021;

5- Second and third waves of virus inevitable and will affect nations differently;

6- Nations likely to have to deal with heavily reduced Olympic program budgets;

7- Difficult to find covid free venues for staging camps in the Asian region;

8- Liability and insurance issues in Tokyo itself for the organisers, IOC etc;

9- Drug testing, i.e. not covid testing - anti-doping, has widely been reported as being compromised during recent months in most parts of the world.

There are numerous political, financial, practical, medical, ethical and doping related issues to complicate this betting market.(According to Wayne Goldsmith)

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