At the European Championships, Spain has been a regular participant since 1954, missing only the 1962 edition (they had an early try in 1934 as well).

Spain’s best showings at the Europeans are two silver medals from 1991 and 2018 and two bronzes from 1993 and 2006

Current Spanish Coach David Martín is a well decorated former Spanish national player and Spain’s current national head coach. During his active days as a player, he won multiple national championships and cups with his club Atlètic Barceloneta. In his decade-long career in the national team, he reached many semi-finals and finals, earning a large set of medals to show for it.

Although Spain have lost two key players to other nations - Garcia to Croatia and Molina to Italy, it hasn't hampered the Spaniards from reaching the top of water polo again under super coach Martin and the return of the water polo genius Felipe Perrone, after his stint with Brazil.

What Martin thinks of Serbia : "They have won the Games, the World Cup, and the last four Europeans. Water polo has been dominated by a series of generations: the Spanish in the nineties, the Hungarian after three Olympic titles. In 2009 came Serbia. They won everything. We see them as the beginning of another generation that can match what the Spaniards did back in the day."

Spain’s all time results: 188 matches, 88 wins, 18 draws and 82 losses. Goal-difference: 1502-1344

"Nowadays, in any sport, it is increasingly difficult to chain so many successes. It is practically impossible to match Estiarte, but we can always try to fight for the medals and be a competitive team. The most important thing is that Spanish water polo is now climbing to the top, where it will stay for years." said the Spanish Coach.

Spain having qualified for Tokyo will bot have the added pressure on their shoulders and may see them play with even more flare.

Expect to see Martins team well up the ladder and there is no reason why they cannot win their first European Gold Medal. Good Luck Spain

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