In light of the recent European Championships held in Budapest, one could not but commend the work done by the organising committee on taking the waterpolo experience to another level.

Was the light show and lasers all but 'smoke and mirrors' covering a problem that is selling our game to the world ?

There were yet again reports of games outside of the host nation playing, having barely a handful of spectators in the stands, much like there was at the recent World Aquatic Championships in Gwangju.

So what's the problem and what is waterpolo as a sport doing about it, for the longevity of the game and attracting the next generation ?

Is the game being sold to external marketing gurus with little waterpolo knowledge, happy to facilitate for the sakes of their contracts and bottom line, rather than finding the X factors required to sell the players stories and surrounds, to the next generation.

Here's a task for the coaches - At your next session ask your players the following:

1 - Can you name me at least 50% of the current nation team ?

2 - Who are the current World Champions ?

3 - Who are the current Olympic Champions ?

4 - Who is the current national coach ?

5 - Who won your countries National League 2019 ?

The telling factor, whether our sport is being marketed correctly or not will come for the next generation knowing the answers to the above questions.... or not!

The ‘google trend‘ search compared waterpolo to sports like swimming and triathlon - no surprise that swimming is top, followed by triathlon and waterpolo comes in third.

Waterpolo needs lended ear to those in the know, having a passion for ‘telling’ the game to the world!

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