It's a crazy world out there at the moment and our sport has been severely effected by the immediate landscape.

Top players all jostling for their next pay check and ultimately looking to further their livelihoods in professional leagues.

Traditional waterpolo nations are shifting the goalposts somewhat with player recruitments, some hesitation as to what the International calendars and leagues may look like in months to come.

Clarity though for nations wanting to qualify for the remaining spots at Olympics 2021 with Fina finally agreeing on tournament dates at the backend of COVID-19.

To see one of the most promising players who has set our game alight in recent years, Yusuke Inaba without a club this season, seems baffling to say the least.

Having spent the last year in Romania, playing for Clubul Sportiv Municipal Digi Oradea, we can only but wonder why this young prospect has no offers for the season leading into Olympics.

Having played in the 2019/20 LEN Euro Cup and LEN Champions League, with nine game appearances he scored seventeen goals and conceded only seven major fouls against him.

Baffling that one of the most prominent waterpolo players to evolve the game to great heights, is simply being overlooked by any major European Club.

Japanese waterpolo is certainly on the rise and their un-traditional style of play has certainly rattled some of the best nations in the world.

Who could ever forget the game against Serbia at Rio Olympics, where Japan turned 5-5 at half time (2–5, 3–0, 4–2, 3–1) and it only took a monumental effort by Filipović scoring six for the game, seeing Serbia victors 12-8. Losing by one to powerhouse Greece 8-7 and having the Aussies on the ropes for a majority of the game, going down 8-6 after Kayes scored four crucial goals for the Sharks to seal the game.

As reported, there seems to be no contracts for any Japanese players this season in Europe.

Sad reality of our current landscape but above all our sport needs to lend a hand at furthering Asian players into European leagues if we are to grow 'WATERPOLO' as a global brand !!

Top clubs in the English Premier League (EPL) for instance, have certainly benefitted from the brilliance of Asian players and the exposure it has brought to the brand of EPL and clubs alike, is massive !

WATERPOLO needs to support Asia, which is certainly the growth point of our game...especially leading into Tokyo Olympic's 2021.

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