Another, much more realistic idea is that today’s water polo developed from a rugby which was a popular game in England at the time.

From the beginning of the 1860s, they often played games in Great Britain's rivers and lakes, hence the initial physicality of the sport, aswell as the unusual way of scoring, according to which the ball had to be delivered to the goal line (to the edge of the pool, to the boat in open water) with both hands.

According to the literature, the ancient Scottish water polo rules were also taken from rugby. It is no coincidence that in prehistoric water polo, the game was often referred to as “water rugby”.

There is also a third view on the origins of the game that in the 1860s, in London, bathers played with a ball in the water.

They wrestled with each other trying to obtain possession of the ball, whilst the crowd of beachgoers watched the fight with great enthusiasm.

Perhaps this success of the audience gave the impetus to the development of the game of water polo, and perhaps it may have encouraged the organizers of swimming competitions to add some interesting attraction to the breaks of frequent and popular swimming competitions.

Thus, the game called “water football” became an additional sensation of English swimming be continued.

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