When it comes to waterpolo achievements, one cannot look past the famous six Hungarian players to win three consecutive Olympic Gold medals, in the golden era of Hungarian waterpolo (2000, 2004, 2008).

It had been twenty four years of drought, since the waterpolo loving nation of Hungary had seen Olympic Gold produced by legendary Tamás Faragó and his team in 1976.

Head Coach Dénes Kemény selected a core group of players what would become the backbone of Hungarian success spanning twelve years.

Starting with goalkeeper Zoltán Szécsi. Standing at a colossal 6 ft 6cm, Széczi was to make his debut in the national team in 1998 and became the understudy to Zoltán Kósz. Two years later Szécsi would get his first taste of Olympic Gold in Sydney 2000 with a dominant display against a hapless Russian team in the final.

Széczi was not only very agile for his size but was a goalkeeper that wasn't afraid to show his emotion in the game, which seemed to lift his team to even greater heights.

Széczi dedicated his playing career to Hungarian clubs, with a one year stint in Italy. Hungary BVSC-Brendon ( ____–2004) Hungary Brendon-ZF-Eger (2004–2005) Hungary Betonút-FTC (2005–2006) Italy Camogli (2006–2007) Hungary ZF-Eger (2007–2013) 2x Hungary Kaposvári VK (2013–2016)

Inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame (2015), Széczi also has been granted Honorary Citizen of Hungary and Eger, along with many highly acclaimed accolades, including being awarded Ribbon Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary.

Zoltan Szécsi a legend of waterpolo.

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