As the world currently comes to grips with the effects of the Coronavirus, we have seen the re-scheduling of waterpolo leagues and tournaments in Europe, for the best interest of everyones health and well being.

With the Olympic Games just 144 days away, FINA are desperately trying to hold the remaining qualification events.

For the women, a tournament was to be held on 8th - 15th March in Trieste, this has been moved to 17th - 24th May (venue TBC).

The three teams that qualify at this newly scheduled event, will have '54 days' to get themselves ready for an Olympic Games, whereas those already qualified, have had months of clinical preparations.

There are three golden tickets up for grabs and the likes of Hungary, Greece, Italy and Netherlands, all in the hunt, it's going to be intake stuff.

The question is whether South Africa will honour their inherited invite, or will they forego the opportunity of sending a one seems to know what the African nation is doing !

This may give opportunity for one of the powerhouses that miss out at the qualifications, a saving grace to the this space.

The postponement of the initial qualification tournament had to happen, in the best interest of all concerned and we applaud FINA for this decision.

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